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Designed by an Aerospace Engineer, BilgAlarm™ is the most reliable high bilge water warning system on the market today. There are no float switches or other moving parts to foul or fail, and unlike other bilge alarms, the test button tests the complete system, including the bilge sensors and bilge wiring; and the warning siren can’t be inadvertently turned off because the mute button automatically resets at the conclusion of each test or emergency.

BilgAlarm™ Fail-Safe Systems continuously and automatically test the complete system, including all bilge sensors and bilge wiring and provides a 5 second siren delay to avoid nuisance alarms from sloshing bilge water typically found in fishing boats and other commercial vessels. It is an excellent choice for any vessel.

BilgAlarm™ warns you when water begins rising in the bilge. It is critical that you discover a leak quickly, before the electrical system, the engine and the leak itself are under water. This early warning gives you more time to find the leak, get passengers into life vests, deploy extra pumps and put out a distress call. BilgAlarm™ saves your life and your investment!
  8 Sensor Fail-Safe System

BilgAlarm™ on
  In addition to the siren and strobe lights that warn you and others near your boat, you may use BilgAlarm with a telephone auto-dialer to receive real time warning messages and text messages to your cell phone and other selected phones.

BilgAlarm™ is designed for both power and sail boats and is available for up to 40 bilge compartments in 12 or 24 VDC.

BilgAlarm™ complies with U.S. Title 46 CFR 28.250 & 182.530 and U.K. Seafish Construction Standards. See a demonstration of our our systems on YouTube.

Boaters seldom know that most bilge alarm “test buttons” give a false sense of security because they test only the buzzer and the light, and do nothing to test the float switch and the bilge wiring. Failure to test the complete system often results in failure to warn of high bilge water and a possible boat sinking.

The cost of repairing a boat that has been underwater, even briefly, is usually about 40% of its value. A submerged or even partially submerged boat can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair, not to mention boatyard storage fees and loss-of-use of your boat. Additionally, the loss of personal effects and fuel or oil pollution fines may not be covered by your insurance policy.
Sunderland Yacht Management chose BilgAlarm™ for 16 year-old Abby Sunderland’s world record breaking solo circumnavigation attempt in Wild Eyes.

Don’t trust the lives of your family and your boat to anything less than BilgAlarm!™

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